Essentials That Every Pilot Needs In Their Flight Bag

The Essentials That Every Pilot Needs In Their Flight Bag

Preparation is half the battle. If you want a long and successful flying career, it is important to stay as prepared as possible for each and every flight. Keep in the books, and always bring the proper and most reliable gear! Here is our list of the essentials that every pilot should carry with them in their flight bag each flight.

Top 7 Free Books For Student Pilots That Will Make You A Better Pilot

Free Books For Student Pilots

To a student pilot, it may seem nearly impossible to keep track of all of the aviation-related rules and procedures a pilot must abide by. You may be wondering how pilots are able to do it. The answer is studying and constantly updating their knowledge through ever-changing publications. We will show you some of these publications in this post.

Aviation Terminology – How to Talk Like A Pilot

Talk like a pilot

In the aviation world communication is key. Anytime anyone presses the mic button to talk on the radio they need to be clear, concise, and correct in order to make sure their message is understood. Many terms have been formulated through the years to assist just that. In this article, we will get into some of the most common and important terminologyy to help prepare you for the pilot’s world.